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Welcome to Chromatic Oil Tools!

Chromatic Oil Tools is primarily known as a manufacturer and servicer of high-quality pressure control equipment such as gate valves, check valves, and choke and kill manifolds used primarily by contractors and operators worldwide. The company offers a full line of 5,000 through 15,000-psi gate valves and various sizes and pressures of hydraulically operated drilling chokes with both single and dual control consoles. Chromatic Oil Tools has a reputation as a premier provider of repairs to gate valves and chokes and maintains a full line of replacement parts and high quality raw materials.

Chromatic Oil Tools is an API 6A, API 16A and API 16C certified facility with ISO 9001:2015 certification and ABS and ASME approved welding. COT offers complete traceability of materials and parts for certification and recertification as well as an in-house painting, sandblasting, and stress relief plant.  In addition to API 6A, API 16A and API 16C certifications, Chromatic Oil Tools is also a registered engineering firm in Texas, registration number F-15349. Along with this registration COT offers a wide variety of welding engineering consulting services including welding procedure review, development, and project execution management.

COT meets customers’ equipment and repair needs with the following products and services, including complete parts and repair services:
• Manufacturing Capabilities
      CNC turning and milling machines
      ASME & ABS approved welding
      API 6A, API 16A and API 16C Certification, ABS Accreditation
      ISO 9001:2015 
      Manifold, choke and valve design capabilities via an AutoCAD system
      Complete traceability of materials and parts for certification
      In-house stress relief plant
• OEM Products and Services
      Hydraulic choke control panels
      Hydraulic chokes
      Choke manifolds and kill manifolds
      Standpipe manifolds
      Choke and kill lines, cement lines, spools, DSAs,
      Cross-over adapters, high pressure piping
• Production Welding
      Automatic, Semiautomatic, Mechanized and Manual Welding Services
      Cladding and Overlay
      Super Duplex and High Alloy Materials
• Repair Products and Services
      Drilling Spools
      Drilling Risers
      Diverter Systems
      Gate and check valves, and chokes
      Complete drilling choke and kill manifolds
      Standpipe manifolds
      Diverter ball valves
      Choke control panels
• Welding Engineering
      Welding Procedure Development
      Material Evaluation
      Welding Specification Analysis

Chromatic Oil Tools has an executive office in Sugar Land, Texas, and a manufacturing plant with executive offices in Jennings, Louisiana. Quality also has a presence in the Middle East in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, U.A.E. and The Republic of Singapore.

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"Quality Creates Trust"

Chromatic Oil Tools, LLC  -  1927 Highway 90 West  -  Jennings, Louisiana 70546  -  Phone: 337.616.3300  -  Fax: 337.616.3299
Chromatic Industries, LLC  -  15 B S Trade Center Parkway  -  Conroe, Texas 77385 -  Phone: 936.539.5770  -  Fax: 936.539.2990

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