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Quality Oil Tools
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Quality Oil Tools
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Complete Manifold, Panels,
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  Products & Services

Quality meets customers’ equipment and repair needs with the following products and services, including complete parts and repair services:

• Manufacturing Capabilities
      CNC turning and milling machines
      ASME & ABS approved welding
      API 6A, API 16A and API 16C Certification, ABS Accreditation
      ISO 9001:2015
      Manifold, choke and valve design capabilities via an AutoCAD system
      Complete traceability of materials and parts for certification
      In-house stress relief plant
• OEM Products and Services
      Hydraulic choke control panels
      Hydraulic chokes
      Choke manifolds and kill manifolds
      Standpipe manifolds
      Choke and kill lines, cement lines, spools, DSAs,

      Cross-over adapters, high pressure piping
• Production Welding
      Automatic, Semiautomatic, Mechanized and Manual Welding Services
      Cladding and Overlay

      Super Duplex and High Alloy Materials
• Repair Products and Services
      Drilling Spools
      Drilling Risers
      Diverter Systems
      Gate and check valves, and chokes

      Complete drilling choke and kill manifolds
      Standpipe manifolds
      Diverter ball valves
      Choke control panels
• Welding Engineering
      Welding Procedure Development

      Material Evaluation
      Welding Specification Analysis

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